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WHERE WAS The Witcher Series FILMED?

Netflix’s series, “The Witcher”, mesmerizes audiences with its fantastic narrative, weaving tales of magic and drama amidst diverse, breathtaking filming locales across Europe.

Produced in 2019, the series stars Henry Cavill as the lead character, casting a spell with enthralling storylines and a vivid backdrop of enchanted sites. Each season boasts of unique filming locations, carefully selected to breathe life into the compelling narrative of The Witcher universe.

Season one transports viewers to the picturesque landscapes of Poland, Hungary, and the captivating Canary Islands in Spain. Locations like the historic Ogrodzieniec Castle in Poland provide the perfect setting with its mythical aura, while Budapest offers its architectural gems like the whimsical Vajdahunyad Castle for visual delight. The Canary Islands contribute with sites like Los Tilos waterfall and the peaks of Roque de Los Muchachos, serving as splendid canvases for storytelling.

The second season is a tribute to the United Kingdom’s natural and architectural marvels, featuring locations such as the imposing Fountains Abbey, the rugged Gordale Scar in North Yorkshire, serene Lake District National Park, and the famed Bourne Wood near Farnham. Each locale plays a crucial role, encapsulating the series’ fantasy essence with distinct landscapes.

For its third season, the series explores diverse and enchanting locales like Laghi di Fusine in Italy, Predjama Castle in Slovenia, and Zala Stara Baška Beach in Croatia. In the United Kingdom, the series continues to allure with sites like Epping Forest, Guildford Cathedral, Jolly Farm, and Virginia Water Lake, each meticulously chosen to echo the series’ various moods and themes.

With each episode, The Witcher invites viewers into a world where the mythical and real coalesce, offering a cinematic journey through ancient castles, tranquil beaches, vibrant cities, and mystical forests. These filming sites, integral to the series’ narrative, are as captivating as its well-loved characters. For enthusiasts eager to delve deeper into the magic of The Witcher, stay tuned for subsequent articles mapping out these exact filming locations for an enriched viewer experience.

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The Witcher Series Filming Locations

Fleeing the Assassin in the Desert

A desperate escape through magical portals leads Jennefer and her companions to a vast desert, as depicted in The Witcher. This visually striking sequence was filmed at the Maspalomas Dunes…

Cintra town and walls

Cintra is the town where Ciri grew up, its walls and town came up in several scenes in The Witcher Series Season 1. Fort Monostor in Hungary is the real-life…

Ciri wanders around the small village market

In a scene where young Ciri walking through a bustling village market, we witness her quest for directions to Skellige and attempts to secure food. This unfolds in Hungary near…

Tissaia Buys Yennefer from Her Stepfather

In the gripping scene where Tissaia de Vries purchases Yennefer from her stepfather, the unfolding drama is set in Hungary, near the captivating city of Szentendre. For those keen on…

Nilfgaard’s attack on Cintra´s Gate

Nilfgaard attacks the inner keep’s gate that is shielded by magic. This intense scene was captured in Hungary, near the town of Komárom. For those eager to witness the filming…

The Tower of the Gull (or Tor Lara)

Yennefer, a central character in “The Witcher,” is introduced to Aretuza, the esteemed magic academy of the Brotherhood of Sorcerers. This mesmerizing location was filmed in Spain, near the town…

Yennefer uses magic for the first time

The pivotal scene in which Yennefer magically evades mistreatment by village youths is captured in the city of Szentendre, Hungary. For those keen on exploring the exact spot of this…

King Foltest’s Abandoned Castle

At the heart of Temeria, Geralt of Rivia delves into the mysteries of King Foltest’s abandoned castle, setting the stage for dramatic confrontations and revelations. Located in Austria, this enigmatic…

Jaskier Joins the Witcher on His Quest

Jaskier encounters Witcher in a tavern in a mountain village called Posada and they embark on a new quest. This captivating sequence was filmed in Spain, close to the city…

Geralt meets the Sorcerer Stregobor

Geralt of Rivia meets with the sorcerer Stregobor at his Tower. The filming of this scene took place in the city of Budapest, Hungary. If you’re keen to find the…


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