Filming location in The Witcher Series

Filming Location
Fleeing the Assassin in the Desert

A desperate escape through magical portals leads Jennefer and her companions to a vast desert, as depicted in The Witcher. This visually striking sequence was filmed at the Maspalomas Dunes on the Canarian Islands in Spain. To find the exact filming location, click on the map pointer in the navigation area or read on.

Where was the desert scene filmed?

In this tense segment, characters utilize magical portals to evade a relentless assassin, and find themselves in a desert landscape. This desert scene unfolds at the Maspalomas Dunes, on the Island of Gran Canaria, Spain. Determining the precise filming location is challenging due to the shifting nature of the Maspalomas Dunes.

More about Maspalomas Dunes

The Maspalomas Dunes (Dunas de Maspalomas) are a famous natural reserve in Spain, offering a stunning panorama of sand dunes that stretch out to the horizon. Not just a popular tourist attraction, the dunes are a protected area that hosts unique flora and fauna, providing a glimpse into the region’s rich biodiversity. Visitors are not only treated to breathtaking views but also an opportunity to explore an environment steeped in natural wonder and ecological significance.

Scenes Filmed at Maspalomas Dunes

Fleeing the Assassin in the Desert
(Season 1 Episode 4: Of Banquets, Bastards and Burials)
This scene at Maspalomas Dunes encapsulates a frantic escape, with characters maneuvering through the expansive sandy landscape to avoid an impending threat. The vast dunes serve as a dramatic canvas for this sequence, their undulating forms creating a sense of peril and urgency as the protagonists navigate through this challenging and unpredictable terrain.

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