Filming location in The Witcher Series

Filming Location
Cintra town and walls

Cintra is the town where Ciri grew up, its walls and town came up in several scenes in The Witcher Series Season 1. Fort Monostor in Hungary is the real-life location for those scenes. Want to discover the exact filming locations? Click on the map pointer in the navigation area.

“The princess needs to return to the castle.”


Where were Cintras town and walls scenes filmed?

With its robust stone walls and imposing gates, Fort Monostor effectively doubles as the medieval city of Cintras in The Witcher Series. The fort’s aged, weathered stones and historical ambiance effortlessly convey a bygone era, providing an authentic backdrop to the series’ fantastical elements. The enchanting and historically rich Fort Monostor is nestled close to the town of Komárom, in the Komárom-Esztergom county of Hungary.

More about Fort Monostor

Fort Monostor (Monostori Erod) offers a glimpse into history with its imposing structure and strategic location. As one of Central Europe’s largest forts, it has stood witness to various historical epochs, serving as a silent sentinel and providing a picturesque yet formidable backdrop perfect for filming epic scenes, especially those requiring a sense of antiquity and grandeur.

Some of the scenes filmed at Fort Monostor

Ciri Plays in Cintras Town
Within the confines of Fort Monostor, Ciri is depicted engaging in playful antics with local children, momentarily free from royal constraints until the guards insist on her return to the castle.

Witcher Identifies True Ciri
As Ciri mingles with peers, the Witcher’s keen eyes discern her true identity, unfolding amidst the fort’s robust walls and offering viewers a subtle yet significant revelation crucial to the storyline.

Nilfgaardians Assault Cintra
The fort’s expansive area brilliantly encapsulates the chaos and tension as Nilfgaardians launch an assault, immersing viewers in the unfolding drama and conflict integral to the narrative.

Witcher Discovers Queen’s Fate
In a poignant sequence, the Witcher, after a daring escape, stumbles upon the tragic demise of the queen, with Fort Monostor’s daunting structure enhancing the scene’s gravity and emotional depth.

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