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Filming Location
Ciri wanders around the small village market

In a scene where young Ciri walking through a bustling village market, we witness her quest for directions to Skellige and attempts to secure food. This unfolds in Hungary near the city of Szentendre. Want to discover the exact filming locations? Click on the map pointer in the navigation area.

The Woman at the market: “You need to be careful, child. This place isn’t safe if you’re alone.
Ciri: “Then it’s as any other place.”

Where was the scene filmed where Ciri wanders around the small village market?

Ciri is seen moving through a set resembling a medieval market, where she is trying to acquire goods and information. The set is detailed with features like a distant windmill enhancing the scene’s authenticity. The filming for this visually rich and historically reflective segment took place at the Hungarian Open Air Museum, Szentendre, Hungary.

More about Hungarian Open Air Museum

The Hungarian Open Air Museum (Szentendrei Szabadtéri Néprajzi Múzeum) in Szentendre offers visitors an immersive experience into Hungary’s heritage and history. Known for its extensive collection of artifacts and exhibits that replicate historical Hungarian settings, the museum provides visitors with a versatile backdrop that transports audiences back in time.

Scenes Filmed at Hungarian Open Air Museum

Ciri Wanders Around the Small Village Market
(Season 1 Episode 7: Before a Fall)
In this engaging scene, Ciri (Freya Allan) meanders through a lively market, subtly inquiring about the route to Skellige while attempting to obtain food through either purchase or stealth. The concerned gaze of a woman falls upon her, cautioning Ciri of the inherent dangers, only for Ciri to acknowledge that peril is omnipresent, painting a poignant picture of her acceptance of a world steeped in constant danger and uncertainty.

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