Filming location in The Witcher Series

Filming Location
Yennefer uses magic for the first time

The pivotal scene in which Yennefer magically evades mistreatment by village youths is captured in the city of Szentendre, Hungary. For those keen on exploring the exact spot of this magical moment, follow the map pin icon in the navigation or read on.

“A daisy? Not a rose?”

Village Girl

Where was the scene filmed where Yennefer escaped with the help of magic?

Yennefer teleports herself unknowingly when she is mistreated by a girl and boy from the village. The exact filming spot for this scene is the Hungarian Open Air Museum (Hungarian: Szentendrei Szabadtéri Néprajzi Múzeum) in the city of Szentendre, Hungary.

More about the Hungarian Open Air Museum

The Hungarian Open Air Museum, also known as Skanzen, is the first and largest open-air museum in Hungary. It aims to present Hungarian architecture and way of life from different eras, giving visitors a deep dive into the history and culture of the region. While there, tourists can explore recreated villages, traditional crafts, and more, making it an excellent destination for both movie fans and those interested in local history.

Scenes filmed at the Hungarian Open Air Museum

Yennefer uses magic for the first time
(Season 1 Episode 2: Four Marks)
A young man offers a daisy to a girl. Although she has a soft spot for roses, the two share a tender kiss. Moments later, she realizes the daisy has vanished. Her gaze shifts, landing on a distinct figure with a deformity, now clutching the missing flower. The girl exclaims, “Have you been eavesdropping on us?” Enraged, both the boy and girl pounce on this mysterious woman, pinning her down. But suddenly, a magical force erupts from her. In an instant, she finds herself transported to a distant location, standing on cold, hard stone.

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