Filming location in The Witcher Series

Filming Location
King Foltest’s Abandoned Castle

At the heart of Temeria, Geralt of Rivia delves into the mysteries of King Foltest’s abandoned castle, setting the stage for dramatic confrontations and revelations. Located in Austria, this enigmatic castle, a stone’s throw from Vienna. Readers intrigued by the castle’s historic charm and its role in “The Witcher” are encouraged to explore further using the map pin icon.

“I envy you. To live, and never have to fall in love.”

King Foltest

Where was King Foltest’s Abandoned Fortress filmed?

The gripping adventures of Geralt, set amidst the backdrop of Temeria’s regal fortresses, were brought to life at Burg Kreuzenstein, Leobendorf, near Vienna, Austria. This castle, with its rich tapestry of history, added layers of authenticity and intrigue to the narrative.

More about Burg Kreuzenstein’s Storied Past

Burg Kreuzenstein, positioned prominently in Leobendorf, Niederösterreich, has a history that’s as captivating as the tales woven around it. The original medieval castle faced devastation during the Thirty Years’ War and was subsequently mostly dismantled for its construction materials. However, under the vigilant eye of Graf Johann Nepomuk Wilczek, from 1874 to 1906, it underwent a transformation to house his expansive art collections. Today, after enduring and overcoming damages from fires and wars, it stands as a popular tourist destination just north of Vienna.

Scenes filmed at Burg Kreuzenstein

Royal Visit
(Season 1 Episode 3: Betrayer Moon)
Geralt(Henry Cavill) and Triss Merigold(Anna Shaffer) approach King Foltest(Shaun Dooley). The introductory frame offers a panoramic view of both the inhabited and the forsaken castles.

Venturing into the Mines
(Season 1 Episode 3: Betrayer Moon)
As Geralt journeys into the mines, viewers are treated to a distant glimpse of the castle, asserting its omnipresence.

Stealth and Strategy
(Season 1 Episode 3: Betrayer Moon)
Geralt, planning a covert entry into the castle, encounters Triss Merigold. A strategic distraction for the guards enables their sneaky ingress into the fortress.

Trust Rekindled
(Season 1 Episode 3: Betrayer Moon)
In a twist of events, King Foltest, after a consult with Triss, seeks out Geralt at the derelict castle. Despite uncertainties about the outcome, Foltest decides to trust Geralt with the fate of the cursed striga, culminating in a poignant conversation about love, loss, and the shadows they cast.

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