The Sound Of Music

The Von Trapp House

The Von Trapp House

The von Trapp house from the musical movie The Sound of Music was filmed in Salzburg. To find the exact filming location read on or click on the map pointer in the image section above.

“…I have confidence
They’ll put me to the test!
But I’ll make them see
I have confidence in me….”



Where did they film the scene where Maria arrives at the von Trapp House? 

The von Trapp villa with the driveway and the gate was featured in several scenes and was portrayed by the Frohnburg castle in Salzburg, Austria.


Hint: Click the map pointer icon in the image area at the top for the exact map location.

Interesting about Frohnburg filming location

Most of the shots of the von Trapp house were filmed at Frohnburg castle, even though it sims that some of the scenes in the backyard of the von Trapp villa were shot from the castle there (Schloss Leopoldskron). For example, the scene where The Captain caches Rolf throwing a stone in Liesl’s window or when the captain watches his children arriving in the boat. The Captain stands at Frohnburg while the children and Maria are in a boat at Leopoldskron.

Scenes filmed at Schloss Frohnburg:

Maria arrives at von Trapp House

Maria and the children are leaving the house for a trip to the city

Rolf is throwing a rock into Liesl’s window

Captain tears down a Nazi flag from his house

The whole von Trapp is stopped by the Nazis as they want to escape by car - Salzburg
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