Filming location in Captain Corelli's Mandolin

Filming Location
The House of Dr. Iannis and Pelagia

The scenes in and around the house of Dr. Iannis and Pelagia were filmed on the picturesque island of Kefalonia. If you’re interested in the exact filming location, you can find the details below or click on the map pointer in the navigation area.

“Captain Corelli, I think this would be a good time to hear you play the mandolin.”

Dr. Iannis

Where Did They Film the House Scenes?

The house where Dr. Iannis and Pelagia live was constructed specifically for the filming and was torn down after the movie was completed. The filming location of the house is near the set where they built the village of Dikhalia. It’s located in the east part of the island of Kefalonia, Greece, between the Paliouras Beach and the Antisamos Beach, just a 5-minute drive away from the town of Sami.

The real village of Dikhalia was completely destroyed by the major Ionian earthquake in 1953, and you won’t find any buildings there since the village was built for the movie only and was later dismantled completely. However, there still is one small house standing. Dr. Iannis (John Hurt) came out of this house after he cured his patient at the beginning of the movie.

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More about Sami

The filming location near Sami offers an opportunity to explore the natural beauty of Kefalonia. While the set itself may be gone, the surrounding areas still bear the charm that attracted filmmakers to this place. Whether it’s the beaches or the intriguing history of the island, including the devastating earthquake of 1953, Kefalonia provides a glimpse into the backdrop of a memorable movie scene.

Some of the scenes filmed at Dikhalia:

Madras gets his bruises examined
Madras (Christian Bale) has bruises on the buttocks because of the stone fragments from the cannon. Dr. Iannis (John Hurt) and Pelagia (Penélope Cruz) are examining the bruises. His mother comes running because she was told that he was shot. Then she starts hitting him because he scared her.

Dr. Iannis and Pelagia walk home
When Dr. Iannis and Pelagia walk home, they talk about a possible marriage between Pelagia and Mandras.

Madras and Pelagia got engaged
Madras promises Pelagia to marry her when he returns from the war. Then he gives her a ring.

Captain Corelli arrives at the house
Captain Corelli (Nicolas Cage) arrives at the house with another soldier, introducing himself and the soldier to Pelagia.

Captain Corelli plays on his mandolin
Dr. Iannis, Pelagia, and Corelli are sitting behind the table on the terrace. Captain Corelli gets a request to play on his mandolin but he is preparing for too long to play, so the doctor leaves. When Pelagia is also leaving, he starts to play a beautiful song.

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