Filming location in Captain Corelli's Mandolin

Filming Location
The Village of Dikhalia

The village scenes in the beloved movie “Captain Corelli’s Mandolin” were filmed on the picturesque island of Kefalonia. If you wish to discover the exact filming location, continue reading or click on the map pointer in the navigation area.

“Antonio, do you remember our island? It does not change. On the feast day of Saint Gerasimos we still bring our sick to the holy place and pray that their suffering may cease.”

Dr. Iannis

Where Did They Film the Village Scenes?

The filmmakers constructed the Dikhalia village filming set near the remains of a real village bearing the same name. This location can be found in the eastern part of the island of Kefalonia, Greece, nestled between Paliouras Beach and Antisamos Beach. It is merely a 5-minute drive away from the town of Sami.

The actual village of Dikhalia was obliterated by the catastrophic Ionian earthquake in 1953. The village, which was created exclusively for the film, was later dismantled, leaving no buildings intact except for one small house. It is from this house that Dr. Iannis (John Hurt) emerges after curing his patient at the beginning of the movie. This scene is a poignant reminder of the village’s vibrant past and the resilience of its inhabitants.

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The scenes filmed at the Village

Dr. Iannis’ House Scene
Early in the film, a scene depicts Dr. Iannis (John Hurt) treating patients in his village home. The village serves as a backdrop to the life of the doctor and his daughter Pelagia.

The Occupation
Several scenes in the village depict the occupation of the island by Italian and German forces during World War II. This includes interactions between the villagers and the occupying soldiers, particularly Captain Corelli (Nicolas Cage).

Musical Interludes
Captain Corelli’s love for music, particularly the mandolin, is a recurring theme in the film. Several scenes show Corelli playing music with his men in the village, which becomes a central part of his character and relationships with others.

Love Story Development
The romance between Captain Corelli and Pelagia (Penélope Cruz) blossoms in the village, through various meetings and interactions. Their relationship becomes the emotional core of the film.

The Earthquake
Towards the end of the movie, a major earthquake that historically occurred in 1953 is depicted. The village’s destruction in the earthquake serves as a metaphor for the upheaval caused by war and occupation.

Post-war Scene
The film concludes with scenes showing the aftermath of the war and the earthquake. The village, symbolizing the resilience and continuation of life, plays an essential part in these closing moments.

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