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Michael Corleone´s Wedding

While Michael was hiding in Sicily, he met Apollonia Vitelli and shortly after they got married in the town of Corleone. In Michael Corleone´s Wedding scene, you can see the old fashion wedding in the church and a wedding procession through an old picturesque town. To find the exact filming location read on or click the map pointer icon in the navigation section.

Filming locations of Michael Corleone´s wedding

The church in which Michael and Apollonia got married is called the “Chiesa Santa Lucia” and it is located in Savoca, Sicily. The scene starts at the entrance to the church of Chiesa Santa Lucia, where Appolonia and Michael are kneeling before the priest and receiving his blessings.

Then the camera location changes to the narrow path Via S. Michele to the west of the church.

Hint: click on the person icon on the image section above for google street view.

The scene then shows the starting procession that is led by the marching band in the direction of the town.

The camera locations changes again and it shows the procession going down a steep path. It is still the Via S. Michele just further down the way.

Hint: if you change the angle of the google street view to the west, you will see the steep path on the other site. You can better orientate by the church on the hill since there are more buildings now than in the time of filming the movie.

The scene ends with the wedding reception in front of Vitelli´s bar which is also located in Savoca. From Chiesa Santa Lucia to the Vitelli bar there are only 8 minutes of walk.

Michael Corleone´s wedding scene

While Michael Corleone (Al Pacino) was hiding in Sicily, because of the “Solozzo business”, he met Apollonia Vitelli (Simonetta Stefanelli) on a hiking trip to the town of Corleone. On the same day he saw Apollonia for the first time, he asked her father for permission to marry her.

The “Michael Corleone´s wedding scene” shows a traditional wedding ceremony in a small church, where Michael and Apollonia Vitelli-Corleone are married by a priest. After the Wedding ceremony in the church, the guests follow a marching band through the town of Corleone. The wedding reception takes place in front of Vitelli´s bar. The scene ends with Michael and Apollonia dancing in front of their guests.

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