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Filming Location
Bar Vitelli in Corleone

Bar Vitelli is where Michael Corleone meets Appolonia’s father and asks him for his daughter’s hand. Bar Vitelli is still around and you can visit it in Sicily. To find the exact filming location read on or click the map pointer icon in the navigation section.

“Some people will pay a lot of money for that information, but then your daughter would lose a father, instead of gaining a husband.”

Michael Corleone

Where did they film the “Bar Vitelli” scenes? 

The famous Bar Vitelli from the first part of The Godfather is located in the small town called Savoca in Sicily, Italy. The bar which is more a café kept the same name and is one of the main attractions in Savoca.

The town still attracts fans of the Godfather trilogy because Savoca, beside Forza d’Agrò, is the town that portraits the town of Corleone. Several scenes from the first and third part of the trilogy took place in Savoca, like the wedding and the procession scene which was going through the town.

The scenes filmed in Savoca

Michael Corleone arriving at Bar Vitelli

Michael and his bodyguards are traveling to the town of Corleone when they come across a group of women. A young woman charms Michael immediately. The group then comes to an establishment called Bar Vitelli where the waiter greets them. Talking to the waiter one of Michael’s men describes the encounter with the beautiful girl, but the waiter seemingly upset disappears into the building. Screaming at somebody inside the group realizes it must be the girl’s father, so Michael orders one of his men to bring the men out. He apologizes to the man saying that he meant no disrespect and then he asks him for the hand of his daughter. The waiter accepts Michael’s request to see his daughter and he tells Michael that her name is Apollonia.

Wedding scene

Michael and Apollonia got married in a church in Corleone. The wedding procession goes through the town all the way to Bar Vitelli. See the filming location of the wedding scene here: Michael Corleone’s wedding

Short scenes

Other scenes are shorter and they include some Michael visits to Bar Vitelli where he meets the family. Another short scene is again in front of the bar when the family sits at the table and Apollonia shows Michael the necklace he gave to her.

Michael and Key visit Corleone

In the third part of the Godfather trilogy, Savoca is again used as a filming location. It’s when Kay and Michael visit Corleone.

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