The Godfather: Part 1
New York City

Corleone House In New York

Corleone House In New York

The Corleone house is surely one of the most recognizable filming locations from the movie “The Godfather”. People also refer to it as the “godfather house” or the “family Corleone residence in New York City”. To find the exact filming location read on or click on the map pointer in the image section above.

“Tell Mike it was only business. I always liked him.”

Salvatore Tessio


Where were the Corleone House Scenes filmed?

The real »Godfather house« is located in New York City, but it is in the Longfellow road on Staten Island and not on Long Island as the film suggests. The exact location is 


The Godfather house hasn’t changed a lot since the movie, nevertheless, you won’t find the high wall surrounding the compound. The moviemakers made the wall extensions out of plastic to give the appearance of a well-defended modern fortification.


They shot all interior scenes of the Godfather house in the former Filmways Studios in Harlem, Manhattan. That includes the famous opening scene in Don’s office.


Important: please keep in mind that the house in  is private property. The access is limited to the street and sidewalk alongside the house and the backyard. - New York
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The Corleone House Scenes

The Corleone house is located on Long Island in New York City according to the information from the movie. The filmmakers used it in several scenes in The Godfather and also for a short scene in part 2. Because of the complexity, we will cover two of the scenes separately: Connie´s wedding and Vito Corleone’s death.


While Michael (Al Pacino) was hiding on Sicily, Kay (Diane Keaton) visited the Corleone House. When she handed out Tom (Robert Duvall) a letter for Michael he refused it. He said that he can’t accept the letter because it could prove that he knows about Michaels whereabouts.


Sonny (James Caan) rushed off the courtyard in rage in his car after Connie (Talia Shire) called and reported that Carlo (Gianni Russo) was hitting her again.


While sitting in the garden, Vito (Marlon Brando) told Michael that Barzzini (Richard Conte) will make a move and try to kill him. Don said that whoever comes to Michael with a meeting proposal, between him and Barzzini, will be a traitor.


When Tom and Tessio (Abe Vigoda) left the house Willie Cicci (Joe Spinell) steps to them reporting that Michael is going in a separate car. Tessio said that this will mess up his arrangements but Tom announced that he can’t go either. Three other Corleone man stepped toward Tessio and surrounded him. Tessio knew immediately that he is in trouble so he asks Tom if he could let him off the hook, for the old time’s sake. Tom replayed that he can’t do that. He made a gesture to the man who took Tessio into a car.


In an interrogation by Michael, Carlo admitted being involved in the killing of Sonny Corleone. Michael assured Carlo that he won’t be harmed but he will have to leave for Las Vegas immediately. When Carlo got into the car which should bring him to the airport, he was strangled by Clemenza (Richard S. Castellano).

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