Filming location in Cast Away

Filming Location
Unloading a Truck on the Red Square

Chuck Noland, portrayed by Tom Hanks, orchestrates the unloading of a truck on the Red Square in Moscow. For a deeper dive into the exact filming spot, utilize the map pin icon in the navigation or read on.

“You are not gonna believe this, I’m doin´ the sorts in the middle of the Red Square”

Chuck Noland

Where was the Truck scene filmed?

In the film Cast Away, the tense scene where Chuck and his team hurriedly unload a truck transpires on the historic Red Square in Moscow, Russia. The precise location is at the juncture where Ulitsa Il’inka intersects with the Red Square. The truck in the movie is stationed in front of the last Building to the right before reaching Red Square.

More about the Red Square

The Red Square, at Moscow’s core, symbolizes Russia’s rich historical and architectural heritage. Dating back to the 15th century, it hosts architectural gems like the iconic St. Basil’s Cathedral and the Kremlin walls. The square, also housing Vladimir Lenin’s mausoleum and the State Historical Museum, reflects Russia’s extensive historical narrative. Its name, Red Square (Russian: Krasnaya ploshchad), originates from the Russian word ‘krasnaya’, meaning ‘beautiful’, underscoring its enduring significance and architectural allure in Russia’s identity.

Scenes filmed at the Red Square

Urgent Unloading at the Red Square
In this tense scene from Cast Away, Chuck Noland (Tom Hanks) hastily organizes the unloading of a clamped truck on Moscow’s historic Red Square. Amidst the urgency, he manages a personal call with Kelly about a tooth issue, blending professional exigency with a touch of personal connection amidst the grandeur of Moscow’s iconic landmark.

Package Delivery Dash at the Red Square
In an earlier scene from Cast Away, a young boy energetically dashes through the bustling Red Square to deliver a package to Chuck Noland. As the boy navigates through the crowd, the expansive and historic square forms a vivid backdrop, encapsulating the blend of old and new, setting the stage for the urgency and mission-driven narrative that unfolds later with Chuck at the same iconic location.

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