Filming location in Forrest Gump

Filming Location
The town of Greenbow Alabama

The quaint town of Greenbow, Alabama, as depicted in “Forrest Gump”, is actually a representation of Varnville, South Carolina. Several scenes were filmed at this location, including the memorable one where Forrest and his Mama walk through town, and Forrest’s foot gets caught due to his leg brace. For those interested in visiting the exact location or looking it up, use the map pin icon in the navigation area or read on.

“That boy sure is a running fool”

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Where was The town of Greenbow Alabama filmed?

In “Forrest Gump,” the scenes portraying the fictional town of Greenbow, Alabama were filmed on Main Street in Varnville, South Carolina, USA. The building at 34 Main Street served as the backdrop for the barbershop scene where young Forrest’s foot gets ensnared, and it featured in several other scenes. Adjacently, 102 Main Street was the location where Forrest and his mom watched Elvis perform the iconic “Forrest dance” through a display window.

More about Varnville

Varnville, situated in Hampton County, South Carolina, boasts a rich history that traces back to its founding by the Varn Brothers. They laid the foundation for the town by selling the right-of-way for railroad tracks through their sawmill in 1872. As Hampton County emerged from Beaufort County in 1878, Varnville thrived due to its strategic proximity to the county seat and its strong ties to the surrounding agricultural regions. Adding to its historical significance, the Hattie J. Peeples House in Varnville was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1992.

Scenes filmed at Varnville

The foot of Forrest gets stuck in a drain
Forrest and his Mama walk through Greenbow town after visiting the doctor for Forrest’s leg braces. Outside a barber shop, Forrest’s brace gets caught in a hole in the street that collects rainwater, drawing the attention of men sitting nearby. Upset by their staring, Mama asks them if they’ve never seen a boy with leg braces before, showing a small struggle in their simple life.

Forrest and Mama see Elvis on TV
On a shopping walk in Greenbow, Forrest and his Mama see Elvis on TV in a shop window, dancing in the way he learned from young Forrest when he stayed at their home. This scene shows how Forrest’s simple actions had a big effect in an amusing way. Mama finds the dance inappropriate and comments that it’s not for children’s eyes.

Running Fool
Young Forrest is seen running past a barber shop. Inside, one of the men notices Forrest sprinting by. He comments, “That boy sure is a running fool,” expressing surprise at Forrest’s fast pace and determination even at such a young age.

Forrest’s Run on TV
Forrest is shown running on the news. Inside a barber shop, men are getting their hair cut while watching the news on TV. They see Forrest running and are surprised to see him on TV. It’s a fun moment where local people see Forrest becoming famous for his long run.

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