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The terrace where Sansa prays

The terrace where Sansa prays

Sansa has a special place where she normally prays. The terrace with a stunning view over the sea and islands in the background is part of a botanical garden not far away from the City of Dubrovnik. To find the exact filming location read on or click on the map pointer in the image section above.

The Queen Regent, you mean. Once I marry Joffrey, I’ll be queen. And if you were to marry Loras, your place would be at Highgarden, wouldn’t it? We would be sisters, you and I. Would you like that?

Margaery Tyrell


Where did they film the scene where Margaery and Sansa talk about the marriage?

The terrace with a beautiful view is part of the Trsteno Arboretum in Trsteno, Croatia. The same arboretum vas used as the movie set for quite a few of Game of Thrones scenes in season 3 and 4.


This particular terrace is a little further away from the heart of the Arboretum on the west side of the park. The best way to get there is to first go down the stairs from the pavilion to the seaside. When you reach the coast pathway go right (west) and after crossing a bridge you should reach a gate with a rising pathway. Follow the way till you reach a crossroad. If you take the path down (left) you will reach the terrace. If you take the other way you will reach another terrace with stairs going up. In both scenes, that we discuss below, both of the terraces are shown.

About the Trsteno Arboretum

The Trsteno Arboretum is known to be the oldest arboretum in this part of the world dating back to the 15th century. In order to supply fresh water to the Arboretum, the owners build a viaduct to the middle of the park connecting it to a fountain. The fountain serves as an irrigation system that supplies many exotic trees and plants with water. By 1948 it came under the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts which is taking care of the garden ever since.


Ways to get to the Trsteno Arboretum

If you drive by car, the best way to enter is by following the signs from the main road in Trsteno. You will find some shadowy parking places nearby but there might be too few. In this case, you should find some additional parking spaces further down by the road. There is an entrance fee to the arboretum and the price can variate between 7-8 USD (6-7 EUR).


The botanical garden is connected to the Adriatic Highway and is around 20 min drive away from Dubrovnik by car. But you can also take a bus to Trsteno if you travel from Dubrovnik. Find more info about the departures and the bus tickets HERE. - Dubrovnik
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The scene filmed at Trsteno Arboretum:

While taking a walk Margaery proposes Sansa to marry her brother

Sansa prays at a stone on a terrace by the sea. Margaery Tyrell is approaching her commanding the two guards waiting for them in the keep. Then they take a walk. In the next scene, they are walking down the stairs. Margaery says that she wants them to be friends and Sansa responds that that would make her very happy. Margaery then proposes that if Sansa would marry her Brother Loras, she could leave King’s Landing for High Garden, Margaery’s and Lorases home town. Sansa seems very fond of this idea.

(Season 3, Episode 4: “And now his Watch is Ended”)

Brienne and Jaime talk about Sansa

Jaime and Brienne are standing on a high terrace looking down on Sansa who is praying at her usual spot. Brienne reminds Jaime that he swore an oath to Sansa’s mother to bring Sansa and her sister Arya out of King’s Landing to safety. Jaime argues that Arya is probably dead and Sansa is not safer anywhere else. Now being married to his brother makes this affair even more complicated. Brienne does not agree that Sansa will be safe in King’s Landing leaving Jaime thinking about it.

(Season 4, Episode 1: “Two Swords ”)

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