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Stark´s find the Direwolf Pups

Stark´s find the Direwolf Pups

As the Starks return back from an execution they find a dead Direwolf with its living pups. This scene was filmed in a beautiful forest which is part of a state park in Northern Ireland. To find the exact filming location read on or click on the map pointer in the image section above.

“Lord Stark? There are five pups… one for each of the Stark children. The direwolf is the sigil of your House. They were meant to have them.”

Jon Snow


Where did they film the “Starks find the Direwolf Pups” scene?

The Tollymore park in Northern Ireland is the filming location of the scene in which Starks find the puppies of the Direwolf. The park lies 38 miles (60 km) to the south of Belfast.  The group with Ned Stark crosses a small bridge which is called Altavaddy Bridge. It lies in the heart of the Tollymore park, near the point where the Spinkwee river flows into the Shimna river.


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About Tollymore park

It was the first state forest park in Northern Ireland. It covers an area of 1,600 acres (630 hectares) and lies at the foot of the Mourne Mountains. There are 16 bridges over the Shimna River flowing through the park and 4 different walking trails signposted by different colored arrows in the park. The Tollymore forest park features many decorative structures like gates, bridges and other buildings that make the park special. There is an entrance fee for entering the park.


Best way to get to the Tollymore park

The Direwolf filming location is only one hour drive away from Belfast, the cultural and touristic center of Northern Ireland. The best way to go there is by car since there is no direct public transportation to the park.


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The scene filmed at Tollymore park:

Starks find the Direwolf Pups

(Season 1, Episode 1: “Winter is coming”)

Eddard “Ned” Stark (Sean Bean) is on the way back home to Winterfell after the execution of a deserter from the Night´s Watch. His sons Robb (Richard Madden), Bran (Isaac Hempstead Wright), Jon Snow (Kit Harington) and his ward Theon Greyjoy (Alfie Allen) accompany him.


After crossing a bridge they find a dead deer so they investigate the cause of its dead. Not far away from the bridge, they also find a dead female direwolf with an antler in her neck. There are living pups by the corpse and the group is thinking of killing them because they won’t survive without their mother. Jon Snow, however, persuades his father to let the Direwolves live since they are a symbol of the Stark House. He says there are five pups for each Stark child. Bran asks Jon, what about him, so Jon replies that he is not a real Stark, but then he hears a sound and finds a sixth pup.


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