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Filming Location
Stark´s find the Direwolf Pups

As the Starks return from an execution, they discover a deceased Direwolf along with its living pups. This captivating scene was shot in the beautiful Tollymore Forest Park in Northern Ireland. To uncover the exact filming location, continue reading or click on the map pointer in the navigation area.

“Lord Stark? There are five pups… one for each of the Stark children. The direwolf is the sigil of your House. They were meant to have them.”

Jon Snow

Where did they film the “Starks find the Direwolf Pups” scene?

The Tollymore park in Northern Ireland is where the Starks find the Direwolf puppies. Located 38 miles (60 km) south of Belfast, the group with Ned Stark crosses Altavaddy Bridge in the heart of the park, near where the Spinkwee river flows into the Shimna river.

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About Tollymore park

Tollymore Park is significant as the first state forest park in Northern Ireland. Covering an area of 1,600 acres (630 hectares), the park lies at the base of the Mourne Mountains. With 16 bridges over the Shimna River and four distinctive walking trails marked by different colored arrows, the park features many decorative structures like gates and bridges. Visitors must pay an entrance fee to explore this enchanting site.

The Scene Filmed in Tollymore Park

(Season: 1 Episode: 1 “Winter Is Coming”)

In this memorable scene, Lord Eddard Stark (Sean Bean) and his sons come across a dead direwolf, the sigil of the House Stark, in the woods. Nearby, they find six direwolf pups. Eddard’s bastard son, Jon Snow (Kit Harington), persuades his father to let them keep the pups, pointing out that there are precisely as many pups as there are Stark children, and that it’s a sign the direwolves belong to them. Each of the Stark children, including Jon, is given a pup to raise. The scene is symbolic and foreshadows the connection between the Stark family and their direwolf companions throughout the series.

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