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Filming Location
Red’s Arrival in Buxton

Red makes a poignant journey to Buxton, fulfilling a promise he made to Andy. This iconic scene unfolds at an intersection in Bellville, Ohio, USA, part of the broader Mid-Ohio region. For fans eager to relive the experience, they can use the map pin icon to find the exact spot where Red made his memorable entrance into Buxton.

Much obliged, Sir

Ellis Boyd ‘Red’ Redding

Where was Red’s Arrival in Buxton scene filmed?

The pivotal scene, showcasing Red’s (Morgan Freeman) arrival in Buxton, was captured at the crossing of Snyder Road and Hagerman Road, Bellville, Ohio, USA. This unassuming crossroad became a significant spot in the cinematic world.

More about the Bellville Area

Bellville, situated in Richland County, Ohio, is a quaint village that’s part of the Mansfield, Ohio Metropolitan Statistical Area. This village has a rich history, dating back to its first settlers, James McCluer and Jonathan Oldfield, in 1808. Though McCluer initially owned the land, the village was shaped and named after Robert Bell, who bought the land in 1815. Bellville’s Main Street, Ogle Street, and Durbin Road witnessed the rise of commerce in the 1870s, including two hotels and an electric plant. Interestingly, the village saw a gold rush when gold was discovered at Dead Man’s Run by James C. Lee. Geographically, Bellville lies along the Clear Fork of the Mohican River, with a total area of 2.75 square miles. The Clear Fork Valley Local School District serves the village’s educational needs, and it also houses a branch of the Mansfield–Richland County Public Library.

Scenes filmed at Bellville

Red’s Arrival in Buxton
Red, played by Morgan Freeman, embarks on a journey to Buxton in search of something Andy has left for him. As he arrives, the audience feels a sense of anticipation, wondering what discoveries lie ahead.

The Shawshank Redemption
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