Harry Potter And The Sorcerer's Stone

Platform 9¾ (Nine and Three-Quarters)

Platform 9¾ (Nine and Three-Quarters)

The Platform 9¾ scenes are one of the most recognizable scenes and filming locations in the Herry Potter films. The famous filming location is located at Londons King’s Cross station and it still attracts a lot of visitors. To find the exact filming location read on or click on the map pointer in the image section above.

“But, Hagrid, there must be a mistake! This says platform nine and three-quarters. There’s no such thing! Is there?”

Harry Potter


Where did they film the “Platform 9¾” scenes? 

The Platform Nine and Three-Quarters is located at the King´s Cross station in London according to the books of J. K. Rowling. The filmmakers choose the same station to film the scenes of the Platform itself but the exterior scenes of the station were shot at St Pancras railway station because of its impressive architecture.


To get to the Platform 9¾ in the story, you have to go through a barrier which is located between platforms 9 and 10. However, the platforms 9 and 10 at King´s Cross station are separated by the rail tracks. That’s why the filmmakers choose a brick wall which is part of a building arch between the platforms 5 and 6 instead. There are many arches alongside the two platforms dividing them and four of them are lower than the rest. Under the third lower one, looking from the entrance in the direction where the trains exit the station, is the real filming location of Platform 9¾. It´s easy to spot because there is nowadays a lift coming from the ground.


Hint: click on the person icon in the image section on the top of the page to see the filming location.


Relocated Platform 9¾

Because there were at some point too many Harry Potter fans visiting the Platform 9¾ filming location, the station operator´s had to draw the attention somewhere else. Thatswhy they hanged a Platform 9¾ sign on a wall at a safe spot of the station and they made a trolly which looks like it is halfway through the wall. You can take photos there for free or you let a photographer take the photos with a scarf. Next to the trolly is a Harry Potter shop where you can purchase the photos and fan articles.


Important: For those who want to take a photo at the real Platform 9¾, keep in mind, that you need a valid train ticket to be allowed on the platforms 5 and 6. There is no guarantee that you will be able to take a picture.

Organized Tours to King's Cross

There are organized tours to different Harry Potter
filming locations throughout London.

Scenes filmed at King’s Cross station? 

Harry going through the wall for the first time

Harry walks into the King’s Cross station with Hagrid who disappears before Harry can ask him if  Platform 9¾ really exist. So he asks a conductor where he might find the platform nine and three-quarters. But the man is a little edgy because he thinks that Harry is joking. Luckily the Weasley family passes and he hears Molly Weasley shouting “platform 9¾ is this way”. He asks Molly to explain to him how the portal works so she says that he only has to walk straight through the wall adding that he should run if he is nervous. When Harry is through the wall there is the Hogwarts Express train already waiting at the station.
(Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone (2001))


Harry and Ron can’t get through the wall

The Weasleys and Harry are at King’s Cross station because the students are going to Hogwarts after the summer holidays. As the Weasleys parents pass the portal with their daughter Harry and Ron are also preparing to run through the wall. But the magical barrier is blocked so Harry and Ron after him, crush into the wall.
(Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (2002))



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