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Filming Location
Platform 9¾ (Nine and Three-Quarters)

Platform 9¾ scenes stand out as one of the most recognizable filming locations in the Harry Potter films. Situated at London’s King’s Cross station, this renowned spot continues to attract Harry Potter enthusiasts from around the world. Want to find the exact filming location? Read on or refer to the navigation area for a map pointer.

“But, Hagrid, there must be a mistake! This says platform nine and three-quarters. There’s no such thing! Is there?”

Harry Potter

Where Did They Film the “Platform 9¾” Scenes?

According to J.K. Rowling’s books, Platform Nine and Three-Quarters resides at King’s Cross station in London. The filmmakers also chose this station for the interior scenes, but selected St Pancras railway station for exterior shots, owing to its stunning architecture.

In Rowling’s Wizarding World, accessing Platform 9¾ requires passing through a barrier between platforms 9 and 10. Interestingly, the real-life King’s Cross platforms 9 and 10 are divided by rail tracks. This led the filmmakers to use a brick arch between platforms 5 and 6 instead. Within these two platforms, the third lower arch, when viewed from the entrance of the train station toward the trains’ exit, marks the actual filming location. You can spot it easily, as there’s now an elevator emerging from the ground.

Hint: Look for a person icon in the navigation area to view the filming location.

Relocated Platform 9¾

At one point, the influx of fans to Platform 9¾ became overwhelming. To manage the crowd, station operators placed a Platform 9¾ sign on a safe spot on the wall and created a trolley that appears halfway through the wall. Visitors can take free photos or hire a photographer to include a scarf in the shot. Adjacent to the trolley, a Harry Potter shop offers photos and fan articles for purchase.

Important: Remember, if you want to snap a picture at the real Platform 9¾, you’ll need a valid train ticket for platforms 5 and 6, and there’s no guarantee of a photo opportunity.

Scenes Filmed at King’s Cross Station?

  • Harry Going Through the Wall for the First Time: Harry, accompanied by Hagrid, arrives at King’s Cross, only to have Hagrid vanish. When Harry inquires about Platform 9¾, a conductor dismisses him. Fortunately, he overhears Molly Weasley and follows her to the magical platform. (Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, 2001)
  • Harry and Ron Can’t Get Through the Wall: The Weasleys and Harry are back at King’s Cross for a new school year at Hogwarts. The magical barrier blocks Harry and Ron, leading them to crash into the wall. (Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, 2002)
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