The Sound Of Music

Opening Scene (The Hills are Alive)

Opening Scene (The Hills are Alive)

The opening scene from The Sound of Music is probably one of the most recognizable scenes in the film history. The iconic filming location where Julie Andrews sings “The Hills are Alive” is in German Alps near the Austrian border. To find the exact filming location read on or click on the map pointer in the image section above.

“The hills are alive,
With the sound of music
With songs they have sung
For a thousand years…”



Where did they film “The hills are alive” opening scene? 

One of the most recognizable scenes in film history is the opening scene in The Sound Of Music, where Julie Andrews sings “The hills are alive” on a scenic alpine meadow. Unlike the other scenes from the movie, the meadow scene is shot in Mehlweg which is in Germany. However, this location is only a 30 minutes drive away from Salzburg, Austria where most of the other film locations are.


Hint: Click the map pointer icon in the image area at the top for the exact map location.

How to get to the filming location

The meadow is on private property and is not accessible for the broader public, according to some sources. At least the property owners are against it, which is understandable since it is grassland. Despite the sources, there are some indications that suggest that there might be still some ways for you to see that world-famous meadow.


The property has the same owner as the apartment Poschachlehen, according to the “Bayern Atlas”, so you can ask the owner if it’s possible to go to the meadow.


There is another apartment complex on the other side of the meadow hill called the Amerosen. Since there is a ski lift from Amerosen to the top of the hill, where The Sound Of Music meadow lies, it is possible that they can also give you permission to visit the filming location.

There is a law in Bavaria which provides all people with free access to forests for recreational reasons. Since there is a forest near to the famous filming location you can still come really near to where Julie Andrews was singing even without the permission of the owner. Keep in mind that stepping on the grassy field would be prohibited in this case.


Important: Please always respect the wishes and privacy of the owner. Since it is private property ask the owner for permission to access the property to avoid inconveniences or even legal consequences. - Salzburg
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The scene filmed at Mehlweg meadow:

The view is closing up on a hilltop surrounded by the mountains and on the top of the hill is Maria (Julie Andrews) swirling around. In the background, you hear music getting louder and when the camera closes on Maria she begins to sing the chorus The hills are alive with the sound of music…”. When she stops singing she hears the bells from the abbey and suddenly she is in a rush.

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