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Filming Location
Nedry gets the money

In this scene, Dennis Nedry (Wayne Knight) meets with Dodgson to receive a cash payment and a special container designed to smuggle dinosaur embryos. This scene was filmed on Hawaii. For more information about the exact filming location, continue reading or click on the map pin icon in the navigation section.

“Don’t get cheap on me, Dodgson. That was Hammond’s mistake.”

Dennis Nedry

Where was Nedry Gets the Money and the Embryo Container filmed?

In the scene, Dennis Nedry receives money and an embryo container from Dodgson in a covert meeting. The exact location for this transaction is 1604 Kahi Rd, Kapaʻa, HI 96746, USA, near the Kauai Multiuse Path, in the area of Kapaʻa, Hawaii, United States.

More about Kapaʻa and Kauai Multiuse Path:

Kapaʻa is a town located on the island of Kauai in Hawaii. The Kauai Multiuse Path is a scenic route running along the coast, allowing pedestrians and cyclists to enjoy the natural beauty of the area. Interestingly, Kauai is known as the “Garden Isle” for its lush landscapes and is home to a variety of native plants and animals.

The scene filmed at Kapaʻa

Nedry Gets the Money and the Embryo Container:
(Jurassic Park 1993)
In this pivotal scene, Dennis Nedry (Wayne Knight) and Dodgson (Cameron Thor) meet secretly to exchange money and a high-tech container designed for smuggling dinosaur embryos. The meeting is filled with tension and lays the groundwork for the chaos that follows in the story.

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