Filming location in The Sound of Music

Filming Location
Maria overlooking the Town (I Have Confidence)

Maria leaves the Nonnberg Abbey, finds herself standing on a high vantage point with a breathtaking view of Salzburg, Austria. For the exact filming location read on or click the map pointer icon in the navigation area.

“…I’ve always longed for adventure, To do the things I’ve never dared. Now here I’m facing adventure, Then why am I so scared?…”


Where did they film the scene with the beautiful view of the city?

The beautiful view in this scene shows Salzburg, Austria, with Maria standing on a pathway at Mönchsberg. It’s accessible from a staircase leading up from the Felsenreitschule Building. The exact map location can be found by clicking on the map pointer icon in the navigation area at the top of the page.

Hint: Click the map pointer icon in the navigation area at the top for the exact map location.

The Scene filmed at Residenzplatz Square:

Maria (Julie Andrews), full of hope and trepidation, leaves the confines of Nonnberg Abbey. She ascends to a high point on the pathway, overlooking the historic town of Salzburg, Austria. The stunning panoramic view serves as a backdrop to her inner longing for adventure and the courage to face the unknown.

The Sound of Music
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