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Filming Location
Maria at the Fountain (I Have Confidence)

The singing scene when Maria stands in front of a fountain with a horse head was filmed in Salzburg. To find the exact filming location, refer to the navigation area at the top.

“…The courage to serve them with reliance, Face my mistakes without defiance. Show them I’m worthy And while I show them I’ll show me!…”


Where did they film The Fountain Scenes?

The scene in “The Sound of Music” where Maria, portrayed by Julie Andrews, sings “I Have Confidence” was filmed in front of the Residence Fountain, located on the Residenzplatz Square in Salzburg, Austria. This historical fountain with a horse head is a significant landmark in the city.

Before the scene at the fountain, there is a segment that was filmed in the pedestrian underpass named Domgang, a few meters away from the fountain, near the Cathedral entrance.

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The Scene filmed at Residenzplatz Square:

In the scene from “The Sound of Music,” Maria (Julie Andrews), filled with excitement and trepidation, sings “I Have Confidence” as she leaves the abbey to become a governess. Arriving at Salzburg’s Residence Fountain, she dances around it, playfully swinging her guitar case. Her exuberance shines through as she heads towards the von Trapp mansion, her voice resonating with self-assurance, capturing the city’s old-world charm.

The Sound of Music
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