Filming location in The Sound of Music

Filming Location
Maria and the Children overlook Salzburg (Do Re Mi)

In this scene, Maria and the Children have a breathtaking view of the city. Filmed in Salzburg, Austria, this scene beautifully portrays the historic cityscape from an elevated vantage point. Explore further to discover the specific filming spot using the map pin feature in your navigation tools.

When yoou know the notes to sing,
you can sing most anything…”

Maria and the Children

Where was the panoramic scene above the City filmed?

The scene unfolds with Maria and the children enjoying the panoramic views of Salzburg. This memorable moment was filmed on a platform near the Museum der Moderne Salzburg at Mönschberg (Am Mönschberg), situated in Salzburg, Austria. This location is notable for its stunning vistas of the city, providing a picturesque backdrop for this iconic scene.

More about the Museum der Moderne in Salzburg?

The Museum der Moderne Salzburg, with its two locations, is a prominent cultural landmark in Salzburg. The original site, Rupertinum, opened in 1983 in the Old Town and houses Austrian modern and contemporary art, including a significant graphic collection. The second location, opened in 2004 on Mönchsberg, offers spectacular views of Salzburg and features changing exhibitions of international and Austrian contemporary art, along with classical modernism. This site, designed by architects Friedrich, Hoff, and Zwink, stands out for its minimalist, modernist design and integration into the natural landscape of Mönchsberg. The museum’s interior, including a restaurant designed by Matteo Thun, reflects Salzburg’s rural and religious traditions, offering a unique blend of art, architecture, and cultural history.

The scene filmed at Mönchsberg

Maria and the Children overlook Salzburg (Do Re Mi): In this scene, Maria teaches the children to sing, using the scenic landscape of Salzburg as both their classroom and inspiration. The city’s landmarks and natural beauty serve as a stunning backdrop to this musical lesson.

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