Filming location in The Sound of Music

Filming Location
Maria and the Children crossing the bridge

In this iconic scene from The Sound of Music, Maria and the children are seen walking across a charming iron bridge. This memorable part of the film was captured in the historic city of Salzburg, Austria. Discover the exact location where this delightful scene was filmed by using the map pin icon.

Where was the bridge scene filmed?

This enchanting scene was filmed on the Mozartsteg, an iron pedestrian bridge in Salzburg, Austria. Connecting the Imbergstraße and the Innerer Stein in the right-bank old town with the Rudolfskai and the Mozartplatz on the left side of the Salzach River, the Mozartsteg is a protected monument named after the composer Wolfgang Amadé Mozart. Its vintage design and historical significance make it an ideal setting for this memorable movie moment.

More about the Mozartsteg Bridge?

The Mozartsteg, opened on March 29, 1903, was initially constructed as a private venture and was toll-operated until the end of 1920. In 1921, it became a free passage for pedestrians and cyclists. Notably, the bridge underwent significant renovation in 2011, including corrosion protection and the addition of an anti-slip surface, ensuring its preservation as a historic and functional landmark in Salzburg.

The scene filmed at Mönchsberg

Maria and the Children crossing the bridge: This scene captures the joyous moment of Maria and the children crossing an iron bridge, showcasing the blend of Salzburg’s urban charm and the timeless appeal of The Sound of Music.

The Sound of Music
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