Filming location in The Sound of Music

Filming Location
Maria and Children on a Horse Carriage Ride (Do Re Mi)

In “The Sound of Music,” Maria and the children enjoy a horse carriage ride while learning to sing. This charming scene was filmed in Salzburg, Austria. Explore this beautiful city and find the exact location of this scene with our map pin in the navigation bar.

“…When you know the notes to sing,
you can sing most anything…”

Maria and the Children

Where was the horse carriage ride filmed?

This picturesque scene features Maria and the children on a horse carriage, learning the basics of singing. Filmed near St. Erhard’s Church at Nonntaler Hauptstraße, Salzburg, Austria, the location beautifully captures the essence of Salzburg’s quaint streets and historic architecture, providing a perfect backdrop for this musical journey.

More about St. Erhard’s Church

St. Erhard Church, a baroque masterpiece in Salzburg’s Nonntal, stands near the Nonnberg Benedictine Convent. Built in 1689 by architect Giovanni Gaspare Zuccalli, its striking features include a high dome, twin towers, and an adorned portico. The church’s interior is graced with exquisite stucco work by Francesco Brenno and an altar painting by Johann Michael Rottmayr, depicting St. Erhard’s miracle. Notably, the church’s Erhard Fountain, dating back to 1689, was once regarded as miraculous. This historic church, initially a chapel mentioned in 1404 and later rebuilt, blends religious significance with architectural grandeur, making it a prominent landmark in Salzburg.

The scene filmed at St. Erhard’s Church

Maria and the Children on a Horse Carriage Ride (Do Re Mi): In this lively scene, Maria and the children are seen riding through the streets of Salzburg in a horse carriage, surrounded by the charming ambiance of the city and the serene. Maria teaches the children to sing.

The Sound of Music
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