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Filming Location
Maria and Children at the Market

Maria and the children explore the local market, immersing themselves in the bustling atmosphere of the city. This delightful scene was filmed in Salzburg, Austria. Explore this article further to discover the exact filming spot or click on the map pin icon in the navigation Bar.

Where was the bridge scene filmed?

This lively scene takes place at Kajetanerplatz known for the Kajetaner Church in Salzburg, Austria. Maria, along with the children, is seen perusing through the market stalls, picking out vegetables and fruits. The highlight is a light-hearted moment where Maria attempts to juggle tomatoes, amusingly resorting to juggling just two after a failed attempt with more.

More about the Kajetaner Church?

The Kajetaner Church (German: Kajetanerkirche) in Salzburg’s Kaiviertel is a Roman Catholic church named after Saints Maximilian and Cajetan. Built by Archbishop Max Gandolf Kuenburg and consecrated in 1700, this baroque church features a prominent high dome and an elegant portal framed by Ionic columns. The interior boasts a magnificent fresco by Paul Troger and exquisite stucco work by Francesco and Carlo Antonio Brenni, along with Antonio Carabelli. Its historical significance is further enhanced by the original Christoph Egedacher organ from 1697, a valued historical instrument in the city.

The scene filmed at Kajetanerplatz

Maria and Children at the Market: In this scene, the joyous spirit of Salzburg is on full display as Maria and the children engage with local vendors, picking fresh produce, and enjoying the lively market environment.

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