Filming location in Eat Pray Love

Filming Location
Liz’s Home in Bali

In “Eat Pray Love,” Liz Gilbert, portrayed by Julia Roberts, retreats to Bali to embark on the final leg of her journey of self-discovery. The scenes at her Bali house were filmed in Bali, Indonesia, capturing the island’s unique atmosphere. For more details on the exact filming location, keep reading or click on the map pin icon in the navigation section.

“Darling, its time.”


Where was Liz’s Home in Bali filmed?

The scenes at Liz’s house were filmed at Jl. Suweta No.169, situated in Ubud, in the Kecamatan Ubud area in Bali, Indonesia. The location provides an authentic backdrop that enhances the movie’s thematic elements.

More about Ubud

Ubud is often dubbed Bali’s cultural heart, renowned for its lush landscapes, traditional crafts, and dance. It has been a popular destination among tourists seeking a more serene experience compared to the bustling beaches in other parts of Bali.

The scenes filmed at Ubud

Liz’s Hangover Remedy
In this scene, Liz Gilbert (Julia Roberts) is suffering from a hangover after a night of festivities. Felipe (Javier Bardem) arrives and offers her a local hangover remedy.

The Dance at Home
Liz and Felipe share a romantic dance in the Bali house, allowing viewers to see their chemistry come to life. The Balinese decor and the warm ambiance of the house add to the romantic feel of the scene.

The Balcony Meditation
Liz spends time on the balcony of her Bali home, practicing meditation and writing in her journal. The serenity of the location complements her internal journey. The lush green backdrop visible from her balcony heightens the sense of peace and reflection she experiences.

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