Filming location in Eat Pray Love

Filming Location
Liz’s Apartment in Rome

Upon her arrival in the iconic city of Rome, Elizabeth Gilbert, portrayed by Julia Roberts, settles into her cozy apartment, setting the scene for various memorable moments throughout her Roman sojourn. This quintessential Roman abode captures the city’s old-world charm, offering viewers a glimpse into authentic Roman living. To experience this Roman gem firsthand, continue reading for exact details or click on the map pin icon.

“Buona notte” – Liz
“Buona notte” – Giovanni

Detailed Filming Location Where was Liz’s apartment in Rome filmed?

Elizabeth’s Roman residence, where several heartwarming moments unfold, is situated in the Torre della Scimmia (Tower of the Monkey), a historic structure deeply embedded in Rome’s rich tapestry. Located in the heart of Rome, this iconic tower stands as a testament to the city’s illustrious past.

More about Torre della Scimmia

The Torre della Scimmia, translating to “Tower of the Monkey”, is steeped in legends and history. As one of Rome’s treasured landmarks, it gets its name from a centuries-old tale of a monkey that saved a baby from danger, a story that resonates with locals and tourists alike. Situated amidst Rome’s bustling streets, this tower serves as a silent observer of the city’s evolving narrative.

Scenes filmed at Torre della Scimmia

Liz’s Arrival
Elizabeth first sets foot in her Roman apartment, taking in its rustic charm and authenticity.

Walking Home with Giovanni
Post their dinner, Giovanni ensures Liz reaches home safely, giving viewers another glimpse of her Roman refuge.

Dress Reverie
Sofi and Giovanni bring Liz back home and ask her to join them later at dinner but she refuses. Liz has a contemplative moment as she reminisces about a dress she had previously admired in a shop, showcasing the apartment’s intimate ambiance.

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