Filming location in Eat Pray Love

Filming Location
Liz gets lost in Rome

In a moment of exploration and wonder, Liz gets lost in the Roman streets. This iconic scene from “Eat Pray Love” was captured in Italy, specifically in the historic heart of Rome. To tread where Liz once wandered, be sure to use the map pin icon for pinpoint accuracy.

Where was the Liz gets lost in Rome scene filmed?

As Liz delves deep into the rich tapestry of Rome, viewers are taken on a journey through the city’s narrow alleyways and bustling piazzas. This particular scene was beautifully filmed at the crossing of Vicolo della Volpe, Via della Pace, and Vicolo della Pace in Rome, Italy.

The scene filmed at the crossing

Liz gets lost in Rome
In this memorable scene, Liz, played by Julia Roberts, discovers the intricate beauty of Rome, allowing the city’s maze-like streets to guide her journey.

Location on map

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