Filming location in Eat Pray Love

Filming Location
Liz drinks from a Water Fountain

Liz takes a leisurely walk through Rome and stops to drink from a water fountain. The scene captures the beauty of Italy, particularly its capital city, Rome. Those curious about the exact spot where this scene takes place can explore further or click on the map pin icon for detailed coordinates.

Where was the water fountain scene filmed?

In this tranquil scene, Liz, portrayed by Julia Roberts, saunters through the streets of Rome and pauses to sip water. The exact backdrop for this scene is the street called Via dell’Orso, near its intersection with Via del Cancello, nestled in the heart of Rome, Lazio, Italy.

Today’s Via dell’Orso lacks a fountain. It’s uncertain whether it was temporarily added for the movie or removed after filming.

More about Via dell’Orso

Via dell’Orso is one of Rome’s historic streets, laden with stories from the past. Adjacent to it, Via del Cancello is equally captivating, leading wanderers through narrow, cobblestoned paths, evoking the age-old charm of Rome. While the presence of the water fountain in the movie remains a mystery, the street itself is a testament to Rome’s ever-evolving history and its blend of fiction and reality.

Scenes filmed at Via dell’Orso

Liz embraces the serenity of Rome
Elizabeth (Julia Roberts) pauses her walk to refresh herself at a water fountain. The presence of the fountain, whether a cinematic addition or a once-real structure, adds a touch of enigma to the location.

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