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Liz and Sofi eating Pizza in Naples

Amidst the bustling streets of Naples, Liz and Sofi share an authentic pizza experience, capturing the essence of Italian cuisine and camaraderie. The scene takes place in Italy, specifically in the vibrant city of Naples. To experience the exact locale of this delightful escapade, delve deeper below or utilize the map pin icon.

“I’m in love. l’m having a relationship with my pizza.”


Where was “Liz and Sofi eat Pizza in Naples” scene filmed?

In a memorable moment, Liz, portrayed by Julia Roberts, and Sofi share laughs and pizza in an iconic Neapolitan pizzeria. The scene unfurls at L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele, nestled in the heart of Naples, Campania, Italy.

More about Antica Pizzeria da Michele

Since 1870, the Condurro family has woven a rich tapestry of master pizza chefs in central Naples. Michele Condurro, inheriting expertise from Torre Annunziata’s renowned pizza craftsmen, pioneered the family’s first pizzeria in 1906. By 1930, it found its home at Via Cesare Sersale 1, often referred to by aficionados as the “sacred temple of pizza”. This spot has beckoned countless pizza enthusiasts over the years.

For over a century, five generations of pizza maestros have meticulously carried forward Michele’s legacy, honoring age-old traditions and techniques celebrated globally. The enduring allure of their pizzas lies in the use of natural ingredients and a time-tested dough fermentation process.

Scenes filmed at Antica Pizzeria da Michele

Liz and Sofi eat Pizza in Naples
Here, amidst the warmth of Neapolitan culture, Liz and Sofi indulge in a slice of authentic pizza, cherishing each bite and the companionship it brings.

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