Filming location in Eat Pray Love

Filming Location
Liz and Delia stroll through New York

Liz and Delia share a journey on a New York City street. This scene from “Eat Pray Love” was filmed in New York. For those eager to witness the exact spot where Liz and Delia’s bond deepens, the map pin icon will guide you right to the heart of the location.

“Every word in Italian is like a truffle. A magic trick”


Where was Liz and Delia stroll through New York scene filmed?

In this scene, viewers watch as Liz and Delia discuss their friendship and Liz´s life while wandering the streets of New York. This memorable moment was captured on Walker St, New York, USA.

More about Walker St, New York

The street, characterized by its urban architecture and the rhythmic footsteps of countless New Yorkers, offers a genuine glimpse into the city’s dynamic pulse. The area around Walker Street boasts a blend of historic landmarks, contemporary establishments, and the ceaseless energy New York is renowned for.

Scenes filmed at Walker St, New York

Liz and Delia stroll through New York
An evocative scene where the two friends, Liz and Delia, immerse themselves in the city’s ambiance, sharing silent understandings and unspoken emotions.

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