Jurassic Park

Jurassic Park Waterfall and Landing Platform

Jurassic Park Waterfall and Landing Platform

The Jurassic Park waterfall is in the scene where the visitors first arrive at the park and at the end when they flee from the park. The stunning waterfall and surroundings are located in the heart of Kauai’s jungle in Hawaii. To find the exact filming location read on or click on the map pointer in the image section above.

“Bad wind sheers. We’re going to have to drop pretty fast, so hold on. There can be a little friction “yahoo” heh!”

John Hammond


Where did they film the “Jurassic Park Waterfall and Landing Platform” scene?

The Jurassic Park Waterfall is located in the jungle of Hawaii surrounded by a breathtaking scenery. Manawaiopuna Falls is the real name and it lies in the heart of Kauai, the fourth largest Hawaiian island. It is famous because of the movie Jurassic Park from 1993, that’s why people also call it Jurassic Falls.


Hint: Click the map pointer icon in the image area at the top for the exact map location.


Jurassic Falls can only be reached by helicopter since the land is on private ground and there is no road to the waterfall. There is only one company who can land with a helicopter near the waterfall so you can walk to it. Find more information here. However, there is a possibility to chart a helicopter which will fly by Jurassic Falls and you can take some pictures from above. You will get more information in the Get Your Guide widget below.

Organized Tours to Manawaiopuna Falls

There are helicopter tours around the Kauai Island
which includes a flight to Manawaiopuna Falls.

The scene filmed at Manawaiopuna Falls:

Guests arrive at the Jurassic Park

When John Hammond (Richard Attenborough) and his guests arrive at the park they lend at a landing platform which is beneath a beautiful waterfall. There are already the company Jeeps waiting there to bring them to the visitor facility.


The survivors flee from the Jurassic Park

After the survivors managed to flee from the park a helicopter collects them at the landing platform at the end of the movie. Before entering Hammond looks back reflective and concerned at the park. Grant (Sam Neill) then holds his shoulder and they both get into the helicopter

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