Filming location in Jurassic Park Series

Filming Location
Jurassic Park Visitor Center

In Jurassic Park, the Visitor Center was designed to serve as the bustling hub for guests visiting the dinosaur-themed amusement park. For the exact filming location, read on or click the map pin icon in our navigation section.

“Listen… Tim. Tim, which car were you planning on?”Dr. Alan Grant

“Whichever one you are.”Tim

Where was Jurassic Park Visitor Center filmed?

The Visitor Center was intended to be the epicenter of activity for guests at the dinosaur-themed attraction in Jurassic Park. The exact filming location is the Valley House Plantation Estate, situated near the major city of Kauai, in the Valley House Plantation Estate area, Hawaii, United States.

More about Valley House Plantation Estate

Valley House Plantation Estate is recognized for its lush landscapes and panoramic views. The locale has not only graced the screen for Jurassic Park but also serves as a backdrop for numerous other high-profile Hollywood productions like Pirates of the Caribbean, Pirates of the Caribbean, Tropic Thunder, and George of the Jungle.

Important Note: Valley House Plantation Estate is private property, and the filming location for the Visitor Center is situated deep within the estate. Therefore, public access to this specific filming site is not permitted.

The scene filmed at Waikoko Forest Management Road

Arrival at the Visitor Center
(Jurassic Park 1993)
Upon their arrival at Jurassic Park, Dr. Alan Grant (Sam Neill), Dr. Ellie Sattler (Laura Dern), and Dr. Ian Malcolm (Jeff Goldblum) are transported by jeeps to the Visitor Center.

Departure for the Park Tour
(Jurassic Park 1993)
The guests, including Grant, Ellie, and Malcolm together with Hammond (Richard Attenborough) grandchildren Tim (Joseph Mazzello) and Lex (Ariana Richards) then leave the Visitor Center for a guided tour of the park.

Grant’s Return to the Visitor Center
(Jurassic Park 1993)
After a series of harrowing encounters with dinosaurs while traversing the park on foot, Dr. Alan Grant , Lex ant Tim return to the Visitor Center.

Exit to the Helicopter
(Jurassic Park 1993)
In the film’s concluding moments, the remaining survivors make their way back to the Visitor Center before leaving for the helicopter pad. The Visitor Center, once a symbol of groundbreaking scientific achievement, now stands as an eerie monument to human hubris, marking their final exit from the park.

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