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Jurassic Park Gate

The gate to Jurassic Park serves as a grand entrance to a world filled with prehistoric creatures, promising an adventure of a lifetime. The scene was filmed in a lush, tropical setting, evoking a sense of wonder and foreboding. Interestingly, the backdrop of this memorable cinematic moment was captured in the United States. For the exact filming location, read on or click the map pin icon in our navigation section.

“What’ve they got in there, King Kong?”

Dr. Ian Malcolm

Where was The Amber Mine scene filmed?

In the scene, a convoy of vehicles carrying the film’s main characters passes through a colossal gate, signaling their official entrance into Jurassic Park. The exact filming location for the Jurassic Park Gate is on the Waikoko Forest Management Road, in the Kauai Island area of Hawaii, USA.

More about the Jurassic Park Gate

The Waikoko Forest Management Road is also known for its scenic views. The gate itself was a temporary structure and doesn’t exist anymore, but the stunning natural landscape remains largely unchanged. Since the vegetation has changed over the years, it’s difficult to pinpoint the exact location where the gate once stood. The area marked on the map is the most likely position, as this is the only part of the road that is straight and has a bit of clearing.

The scene filmed at Waikoko Forest Management Road

Jurassic Park Gate Entrance Scene
(Jurassic Park 1993)
The scene features the characters arriving at the Jurassic Park Gate that serves as the entrance to the park. The convoy includes Dr. Alan Grant (Sam Neill), Dr. Ellie Sattler (Laura Dern), and Donald Gennaro (Martin Ferrero). They are filled with awe and trepidation as the towering gates open, hinting at the wonders and dangers that lie within.

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