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Filming Location
Italian Lessons Over Dinner

Elizabeth learns Italian while dining with her instructor, Giovanni. This scene took place in Italy, specifically in the city of Rome. For an exact filming location, readers are encouraged to refer to the map pin icon in the navigation.

Where was the Italian Lessons Over Dinner scene filmed?

The scene where Giovanni teaches Liz Italian over the dinner was shot at the Palazzo Gambirasi, located in Via della Pace, 8, 00186 Roma RM. This memorable location is situated in Rome, the capital of the Lazio region in Italy.

Since its cinematic appearance in “Eat Pray Love”, Palazzo Gambirasi has undergone notable changes. The once prominent wall plants and vintage aesthetic of the building have been renovated, lending it a more modern facade. However, the surrounding area retains its historic charm, accentuated by an array of authentic Italian restaurants.

More about the Palazzo Gambirasi

Palazzo Gambirasi, located at Via della Pace 8 in Rome, was commissioned in 1659 by the Arciconfraternita di San Giacomo degli Spagnoli and designed by architect Giovanni Antonio De Rossi. Integrating pre-existing structures, its facade beautifully complements the adjacent Piazza, echoing the Baroque vision of Pietro da Cortona. Monsignor Donato Gambirasi, who later acquired the property, added personal touches, such as his family crest on the doorway. Historical figures like architect Giovanni Azzurri and writer Domenico Gnoli once called this building home. Today, it’s owned by the Teutonic Institutes of Santa Maria dell’Anima.

Scenes filmed at Palazzo Gambirasi

Italian Lessons Over Dinner: Elizabeth Gilbert, portrayed by Julia Roberts, enjoys a meal with her Italian teacher Giovanni, played by Luca Argentero. During their time together, Giovanni imparts the beauty and intricacies of the Italian language to Elizabeth, with a notable focus on the word “attraversiamo”.

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