The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

Hiding From The Black Rider

Hiding From The Black Rider

The Hobbits hide behind the tree roots when a black rider approaches them in the woods in the first part of The Lord of The Rings trilogy. The filming location on the forest path was filmed on Mount Victoria which is in the middle of Wellington, New Zealand. To find the exact filming location read on, or click on the map pointer in the image section above.

“I think we should get off the road. Get off the road! Quick!”

Frodo Baggins


Where did they film the “Hiding From The Black Rider” scene? 

The forest pathway where the Hobbits hide from a Black Rider is in the middle of Wellington, New Zealand. The crew was shooting the scene on Mount Victoria which is surrounded by the city of Wellington. As the Black Rider approaches the group Frodo shots that everybody should get of the road. The hobbits hide behind a tree and its roots but there is no such tree in the forest on Mount Victoria. The tree was a movie prop for the filming purposes.


According to, the exact location can be found as follows. “From the city, you can easily walk or drive up Alexandra Road to beautiful Mount Victoria. Halfway up on your left is a parking bay with a track (to the left) which drops downhill through the trees. This became the setting for the scene where the fearful hobbits listen for the Nazgul. Continuing down the path, you’ll eventually see a small overhanging ledge up a hill on your right, marked by two small trees. It was here the hobbits hid from the Black Rider, although the large tree of the movie was actually manufactured and transported to the site.”


Since there is no evidence where exactly the filming location is, we would recommend a guided tour, to this location. You can find a fair offer on tours to The Lord of the Rings filming locations at TripAdvisor. Since not every tour includes this location, be sure to check them out first. If you’d like to discover it on your own we marked the Approximate location on our map.

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The scene filmed at Mount Victoria:

Frodo (Elijah Wood), Sam (Sean Astin), Pippin (Billy Boyd) and Merry (Dominic Monaghan) are on a forest path. Suddenly Frodo feels that something sinister is approaching so he shouts “Get off the road, quick!“. They all hide in a spot beneath the roots of a tree and wait. Suddenly a Ringwraith (Black Rider) approaches on a black horse and stops exactly above the hobbits. He steps down from the horse and bends over the roots, however, he doesn’t see them. In the presence of the Ringwraith, Frodo glides in a delirious state and he reaches for the ring. But Sam stops him, at the same time Marry throws something on the other side of the tree and the Ringwraith disappears in that direction. As the Black Rider disappears they start immediately run in the opposite direction.

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