Filming location in Forrest Gump

Filming Location
Forrest saves his fellow Soldiers

Forrest displays immense bravery by rescuing several of his fellow soldiers during a violent ambush in Vietnam. This scene was filmed in the United States, precisely at Hunting Island, South Carolina. If you’re keen on exploring this filming location more in-depth, you’re encouraged to use the map pin icon in the navigation or read further.

“I gotta find Bubba!”

Forrest Gump

Where was Forrest saves his fellow Soldiers filmed?

This emotionally charged sequence, showcasing Forrest’s valiant rescue efforts in the midst of a fierce ambush, was captured at Hunting Island State Park, located near St Helena Island, South Carolina, United States.

More about Hunting Island State Park

Hunting Island State Park stretches across a sprawling 5,000 acres, standing as a testament to South Carolina’s rich natural beauty. Established as a state park in 1935, this gem remains among the most frequented park facilities in the state. One of the few untouched Sea Islands in the Lowcountry, Hunting Island boasts more than 4 miles of pristine beach, dense maritime forests, and vast saltwater marshes. The island’s historical significance is evident, with its 19th-century lighthouse, which is not only a point of interest but also listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The lighthouse, although no longer functional in a traditional sense, beams a rotating light every night, reminding visitors of its illustrious past.

Scenes filmed at Hunting Island State Park

Forrest saves his Comrades
Forrest’s platoon is mercilessly ambushed in Vietnam. Amidst the chaos of bullets and explosions, Forrest’s instinctive courage shines as he embarks on a perilous mission to rescue his injured comrades, carrying them one by one to the safety of a nearby riverbank. Despite the imminent danger, Forrest dashes back into the deadly firefight multiple times, each time emerging with a wounded soldier on his back. One particularly memorable rescue is when he finds Lieutenant Dan, severely injured, lifting him onto his shoulders and sprinting towards safety despite Lieutenant Dan’s protests. The scene reaches a poignant climax when Forrest discovers his dear friend Bubba among the wounded. He carries Bubba to safety as well, but tragically, Bubba succumbs to his injuries.

Forrest Gump
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