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Filming Location
Forrest and Jenny’s Tree

Forrest and Jenny spend time together under a big tree. This place is in the USA, near White Hall in South Carolina. If you want to know more about where this was filmed, keep reading or use the map pin icon above.

“For some reason, Jenny didn’t never want to go home.”

Forrest Gump

Where was Forrest and Jenny’s Tree filmed?

Forrest and Jenny shared many moments near a big old oak tree. This tree is in a field close to Combahee Road, White Hall, South Carolina, USA. The tree appears to be on private farmland, but it can also be easily viewed from the road.

The scenes filmed at the Old Tree

Childhood Sanctuary
Forrest and Jenny become close friends from the moment they first meet on the school bus. Their favorite spot to spend time together is an old oak tree, where they sit, learn, and climb. They often linger there until late, as Jenny, for unknown reasons to Forrest, doesn’t wish to return home.

Reunited under the Oak Tree
Jenny comes back to Forrest after some time, and they visit their cherished oak tree once again. Forrest says that he doesn’t understand why she’s returned, but it doesn’t matter to him. He’s glad to have her back, likening their renewed friendship to being “as close as peas and carrots.”

A Letter at the Grave
In a deeply emotional moment, we see Forrest standing alone under the oak tree, beside Jenny’s grave. He updates her about their son, Little Forrest, sharing anecdotes about the boy’s life and achievements. Forrest then leaves a letter from Little Forrest on Jenny’s grave. With a heavy heart, he says how much he misses Jenny, assuring her that he will be not far away from her if she ever needs anything.

Forrest Gump
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