Filming location in Eat Pray Love

Filming Location
The Beach in Bali

On the Beach in Bali location from the movie “Eat Pray Love,” Felipe confesses his love for Liz, on on an idyllic beach. This memorable moment was filmed in Indonesia. If you’re keen to find out exactly where this heartfelt confession took place, read on or click on the map pin icon in the navigation section.

“I do not need to love you, to prove that I love myself!”

Liz Gilbert

Where was the scene filmed “where Felipe confesses his love for Liz “The Beach in Bali”?

In this scene, Felipe, opens up to Liz, declaring his love and setting the stage for their future together. The exact filming location for this touching scene is Padang Padang Beach, situated near Ubud, in the Bali area of Indonesia.

More about Padang Padang Beach:

The beach is renowned for its golden sands, turquoise waters, and scenic cliffs, making it a popular destination for tourists and surfers alike. Padang Padang Beach is not just a film location; it’s also a surfer’s paradise. The beach is known for its world-class waves and has been the venue for several international surfing competitions. It also offers a range of other water activities and amenities for visitors, making it a must-visit location whether you’re a fan of the movie or not.

The scene filmed at Padang Padang Beach:

Felipe Confesses His Love for Liz
In this heartfelt scene, Felipe (Javier Bardem) takes the bold step of confessing his love to Liz Gilbert (Julia Roberts). As they stand on the stunning Padang Padang Beach, surrounded by the natural beauty of Bali, Felipe utters the Italian word “Attraversiamo,” which translates to “Let’s cross over.” This marks a significant turning point in both their lives, and the setting serves as a symbol of the new journey they are about to embark on.

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