Filming location in Forrest Gump

Filming Location
Entrance to the Gump Estate

The real Gump family estate and the entrance to it is situated in the United States, near the town of Yemassee in South Carolina. For those seeking a closer look at this cinematic gem, consider exploring deeper or using the map pin icon to pinpoint the exact spot.

Bus Driver – Are you comin’ along?
Forrest – Momma said not to be taking rides from strangers.
Bus Driver – This is the bus to school.
Forrest – I’m Forrest Gump.
Bus Driver – I’m Dorothy Harris.
Forrest – Well, now we ain’t strangers anymore.

Where was the Entrance to the Gump Estate filmed?

In the scene where the beautiful Gump family estate comes into view, the filming took place at the Bluff Plantation. Specifically, it’s found on Combahee Road, near the town of Yemassee, in South Carolina, USA.

More about Bluff Plantation

The Bluff Plantation stands as private property, restricting general public access. However, a visit to its front gate offers fans a reminiscent view of the tree pathway and the ground where the house once proudly stood, serving as the backdrop for countless iconic movie scenes.

Scenes filmed at the Bluff Plantation

Forrest and his Mother walk back home from town
As Forrest and his mother tread their way home after a visit to the doctor for Forrest’s leg braces, the entrance to the Gump estate is revealed. The tranquil pathway that leads to their quaint, warm home is surrounded by lush greenery, creating a serene atmosphere.

The First Bus Ride
Forrest and his mother stand by at the front gate entrance of the Gump estate, waiting for the school bus. As the bus makes its stop, a hesitant Forrest is reluctant to board it, expressing to his mother that he can’t ride with strangers. The understanding bus driver extends a warm introduction, identifying herself as Dorothy Harris. Following the cordial exchange, Forrest reciprocates by introducing himself, bridging the gap of unfamiliarity. With the notion of strangers now dismissed, Forrest steps onto the bus, marking the tender commencement of his school journey.

Mail from Apple
In a brief yet impactful scene at the Gump estate entrance, Forrest receives a letter from Apple Inc., courtesy of Lieutenant Dan’s investment. The letter unfolds a new financial horizon for Forrest, marking a significant turn in his life as he now becomes a shareholder of a burgeoning tech company.

Forrest’s Run Begins
With a sudden spur of motivation, Forrest decides to run. As he sprints through the front gates of the Gump estate, this scene marks the inception of his long, reflective run across the country.

Forrest Junior’s first bus ride
Years later, a reminiscent scene unfolds as Forrest waits with his son for the school bus at the Gump estate entrance. As the bus arrives, his son introduces himself to the bus driver, Doris. The scene is a full circle moment, mirroring Forrest’s own introduction to Dorothy Harris years before, and encapsulates a sense of hope and continuity as Forrest Junior embarks on his own school journey.

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