Filming location in Eat Pray Love

Filming Location
Elizabeth finds joy in food again

Elizabeth rediscovers the pleasure of culinary delights in a charming restaurant in Rome. The film was primarily shot in Italy, more specifically in the historic heart of Rome. Eager to know the exact location of this delightful scene? Read on or click on the map pin icon for precise coordinates.

Where was “Elizabeth finds joy in food again” filmed?

Elizabeth’s culinary reawakening unfolds in a picturesque setting. The scene was shot at Taverna Agàpe, Vicolo di S. Simeone, located near the heart of Rome, Lazio, Italy.

More about Rome’s Culinary Scene

Rome, with its ancient history, is also renowned for its rich culinary traditions. Around the vicinity of Taverna Agàpe, one can find numerous other eateries offering traditional Roman dishes. Each corner of this historic city is a testament to Italy’s profound love for food, where classic recipes have been passed down through generations. Whether it’s pasta, gelato, or a simple espresso, Rome ensures every bite is a journey through its culinary heritage.

Scenes filmed at Taverna Agàpe

Elizabeth finds joy in food again
Elizabeth, portrayed by Julia Roberts, rediscovers her love for food in this iconic scene. As she savors her meal, a passionate moment unfolds by a water fountain nearby, where a young couple shares a passionate kiss, underlining the romantic ambiance of Rome.

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