Filming location in Pride and Prejudice

Filming Location
Elizabeth crossing the Bridge

Elizabeth Bennet, distressed by recent revelations, rushes through the rain towards a temple structure over a picturesque bridge. This iconic scene was filmed in the UK, near the city of Salisbury in Wiltshire, a region renowned for its historic landmarks and landscapes. For those eager to know more about the exact filming spot, please use the map pin icon in the navigation.

Where was the Bridge scene filmed?

As Elizabeth makes her way over a scenic bridge under the rain, the bridge is called the Palladian Bridge located in the National Trust property Stourhead in Wiltshire. This location is near Salisbury, UK.

More about Stourhead

Stourhead is a 1,072-hectare estate at the source of the River Stour in the southwest of England. The estate includes a Palladian mansion, the village of Stourton, gardens, farmland, and woodland. Stourhead has been in the ownership of the National Trust since 1946.

Scene filmed at Palladian Bridge

Elizabeth crossing the Bridge
After learning about Mr. Darcy’s involvement in her sister’s romantic affairs, Elizabeth Bennet, played by Keira Knightley, takes a moment to reflect as she crosses the Palladian Bridge in Stourhead.

Pride and Prejudice
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