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Dr. Alan Grant finds Dinosaur Eggs

Dr. Alan Grant discovers dinosaur eggs, proving that the dinosaurs on Isla Nublar have been breeding. This monumental discovery was filmed in the United States. For more exact filming location details, read on or click the map pin icon in the navigation section.

“They’re breeding.”

Dr. Alan Grant

Where was Dr. Alan Grant finds dinosaur eggs filmed?

The scene takes place in a lush, forested setting where Dr. Alan Grant makes the startling discovery. This location is the McBryde & Allerton Gardens, part of the National Tropical Botanical Garden, located on Kauai in Hawaii, United States.

More about McBryde & Allerton Gardens

McBryde & Allerton Gardens are more than just a backdrop for a movie scene; they are a sanctuary for tropical plants. Covering an extensive area, these gardens house one of the largest collections of native Hawaiian flora, along with various plant species from other parts of the world. Visitors to the garden can enjoy guided tours that provide deep insights into plant conservation and the ecological importance of preserving these green spaces.

The scene filmed at McBryde & Allerton Gardens:

Dr. Alan Grant Discovers Dinosaur Eggs
(Jurassic Park 1993)
In this scene, Dr. Alan Grant, portrayed by Sam Neill, stumbles upon a nest of dinosaur eggs. Realizing that the dinosaurs are breeding, he informs Dr. Ellie Sattler, played by Laura Dern, of his discovery. The eggs signify a major plot point, indicating that life found a way to continue despite the genetic engineering that supposedly prevented the dinosaurs from reproducing.

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