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Filming Location
Don Tommasino´s Villa

Don Tommasino´s Villa is part of several scenes throughout all three parts of the Godfather trilogy. It is the villa where Apollonia dies in a car bomb hit and it’s the same villa where Michael dies at the end of part 3. Read on to find the exact location or click the map pointer icon in the navigation area. 

“(in Italian) Bad news from America. Your brother, Santino, they killed him.”

Don Tommasino

Where is the filming location of Don Tommasino´s Villa? 

The Filmmakers chose Castello degli Schiavi to be the residence of Don Tommasino. It is located near the commune of Fiumefreddo di Sicilia in Sicily, Italy. The address of the Castello is Via Badalà, 63, 95013 Fiumefreddo Sicilia CT, Italy.

Castello degli Schiavi is private property and not open to the general public. You can visit the Castello through organized tours to The Godfather filming locations: Get Your Guide!

The villa is hidden behind a tall wall but it has a very distinctive roof that you can see from the street. Through the door that leads directly to the street Strada Provinciale 71i, you can also see part of the villa with the garden where the famous scenes were filmed.

The scenes filmed at Castello degli Schiavi

  • Don Tomasino gives Michael the bad news of his brother Santino’s death. (The Godfather: Part 1)
  • Michael asks Fabrizio to prepare the car for a ride Appolonia dies in the explosion of a car bomb intended for Michael Corleone (The Godfather: Part 1).
  • Vito Corleone is visiting Sicily with his family and they have lunch in the villa’s garden (The Godfather: Part 2).
  • Michael turns to his old friend Don Tommasino for advice (The Godfather: Part 3).
  • Michael dies of old age on a chair in front of the villa. (The Godfather: Part 3).
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