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Dinner in Rome’s Restaurant with Friends

Elizabeth Gilbert, played by Julia Roberts, enjoys a delightful evening with her newfound friends in a picturesque restaurant situated in the heart of Rome, Italy. This scene highlights the camaraderie, laughter, and the sumptuous Italian cuisine that Rome offers. For those intrigued by the charming ambiance of the dining spot, delve in further to discover the exact location or click on the map pin icon for a quick navigation.

“Maybe you’re a woman in search of her word.”


Where was the scene “Dinner in Rome’s Restaurant with Friends” captured?

Elizabeth and her friends share a jovial meal at Ristorante Santa Lucia, located at Largo Febo, in Rome. This elegant eatery, nestled in Italy’s capital, is renowned for its enchanting garden setting and authentic Italian flavors.

More about Ristorante Santa Lucia

Beyond its cinematic fame, Ristorante Santa Lucia is celebrated for its exquisite garden dining experience. A haven for both locals and tourists, the restaurant boasts of a menu that’s a testament to Rome’s rich culinary heritage. Its strategic in the old town of Rome makes it a popular choice for those looking to combine historic sightseeing with gourmet dining.

Scenes filmed at Ristorante Santa Lucia

Dinner and Revelations
Elizabeth showcases her Italian speaking skills by ordering for the group. As they dine in the cozy ambiance, the conversation meanders to the unique attributes or ‘names’ each city or individual possesses. Elizabeth ponders over the perfect word that would describe her, a query that finds its answer as the movie unfolds.

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