Filming location in Captain Corelli's Mandolin

Filming Location
Detonating the Mine on the Beach

In an unforgettable moment from “Captain Corelli’s Mandolin,” a scene was filmed where Captain Corelli detonates an old ship mine on a breathtaking beach on the Greek island of Kefalonia. The exact filming location is on Myrtos beach, 40 minutes away from the island’s capital, Argostoli.

“We are going to explode the bomb. It will be a fantastic explosion and when the time comes, nobody must come down to the beach. You must watch from where you are. Capitano!”

Captain Corelli

Where Did They Film the Beach Scenes?

Captain Corelli’s detonation of the old ship mine was filmed on the stunning secluded Myrtos beach in the northern part of Kefalonia, Greece. Myrtos Beach is a 40-minute drive away from the island’s capital, Argostoli. This location is often heralded as one of Greece’s best beaches, with its fine marble sand giving the sea at the shore a beautiful turquoise color. You can find the exact location by clicking the map pointer icon in the navigation area at the top.

Hint: Myrtos Beach is frequently featured in many tourist guides, adding to its reputation as a must-visit destination in Greece.

The two scenes filmed at Myrtos beach:

The detonation of the ship mine
A weathered Turkish ship mine washes ashore, prompting the Italian soldiers to organize its detonation as a display for the Greek villagers. Under the leadership of Captain Corelli (Nicolas Cage), they erect a protective bunker to control the explosion safely. While laying the wire to the mine, Captain Corelli realizes that the wire is too short, forcing them to move the bunker closer. When he finally triggers the blast, the explosion is much more powerful than anyone expected. The shockwave terrifies the spectators, destroys the bunker, and leaves Captain Corelli with minor injuries.

The Italian soldiers have a day off at the beach
The Italian soldiers, including those under Captain Corelli’s command, take a leisurely day at the beach with their romantic interests. They engage in singing and merrymaking until Captain Gunther Weber (David Morrissey) of the German army joins them. He introduces himself and converses with the group, while in the distance, Pelagia (Penélope Cruz) observes them. Her expression reveals her irritation at their carefree enjoyment amid the grim realities of war.

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