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David and Liz’s Park Stroll

In a whimsical moment, David and Liz find joy and amusement during their park walk. The scene is set in the United States, specifically in the bustling state of New York. Those yearning to discover the exact spot of this heartwarming interaction can journey further or simply click the map pin icon.

“I didn’t exactly fall in love with the guy. What happened was I dove out of my marriage and into David’s arms exactly the same way a cartoon circus performer dives off a high platform and into a small cup of water vanishing completely.”

Elizabeth Gilbert

Where was “David and Liz’s Park Stroll” filmed?

Amidst the vastness of a city park, David, played by James Franco, fetches a ukulele from a nearby performer, playfully serenading Liz, brought to life by Julia Roberts. This endearing scene unfolds at the Hare Krishna Tree, Tompkins Square Park, situated in New York City, New York, USA.

More about the Hare Krishna Tree

The Hare Krishna Tree, standing tall within Tompkins Square Park, has its own tale to tell, separate from the cinematic world. Rooted in New York’s East Village, this tree has been a silent witness to countless stories and events, including the 1966 chanting sessions that marked the birth of the Hare Krishna Movement in the USA. Today, while only one tree stands as a testament to this history, in the film’s portrayal, its twin was still present.

Scenes filmed at Tompkins Square Park at the Tree called Hare Krishna Tree

David and Liz’s Park Stroll
Here, David (James Franco) and Liz’s (Julia Roberts) light-hearted park escapade occurs, marked by the playful ukulele moment. Their interaction, set against the backdrop of the iconic Hare Krishna Tree, adds a touch of authenticity and nostalgia to the scene.

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