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Daenerys meets the Spice King in Qarth

Daenerys meets the Spice King in Qarth

Daenerys Targaryen meets the Spice King of Quarth to ask him if he is willing to give her ships to conquer back the seven kingdoms. They meet in a courtyard with beautiful stone stairs. This courtyard belongs to an old building in Dubrovnik, Croatia. To find the exact filming location read on or click on the map pointer in the image section above.

“I am not your little princess. I am Daenerys Stormborn of the blood of old Valyria and I will take what is mine, with fire and blood.”

Daenerys Targaryen


Where did they film the meeting scene between Daenerys and the king of spices?

The estate with the beautiful courtyard and the stone stairs is located in Dubrovnik, Croatia. It is the Courtyard of the Rector’s Palace near the old dock and the cathedral of Dubrovnik.


The Rector’s Palace dates back as far as the 14th century. It was often rebuilt and renovated so it has a Gothic style mixed with Renaissance and Baroque elements. Between the 14th century and 1808, the building served as the seat for the Rector of the Republic of Ragusa.


Today, the palace houses the historical department of the Dubrovnik Museum. There are beautiful exhibitions like the one about antique furniture. The entrance fee is at 130 Kuna a little high, but you can visit 6 museums in Dubrovnik with the same ticket. Here you will find more info about entrance fees and other museums: Dubrovnik Museums


If you only want to visit the courtyard you can take a glimpse through the front door. If you really want to explore the location and take good pictures, however, you will need to pay an entrance ticket. - Dubrovnik
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The scene filmed in Dubrovnik:

Daenerys meets the spice king at his estate in Qarth

(Season 2, Episode 6: “The Old Gods and the New”)

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